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Concept of the Museum

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Feel nature, learn the history, enjoy the region.

The discovery of the attractions of lighthouses in this museum:

The scenes an unseen commonly, the technologye unknown, the background history, the multi angles such as three points right under hekp rouse interests in lighthouses and understand the lighouse and its operations of beacons.

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The museum to know about lighthouses through various aspects

It shows the commonly unseen scenes including lighthouses at night and at sunrise
with its beautiful landscape.

The museum to rouse its interest in lighthouses with joy

It helps learn about the lighthouses with a combination of various methods such as a participation type of hand-on exhibitions (experiments and models), real things, PC, and a mini theater.

The museum to understand the profound relationship between the history
of this region and the lighthouses

It shows the significance of its role by connecting the region and the life including the history of Daio Cape frightened as a rough point in the sea by sailors and how Daio-Saki lighthouses was like when the keepers preserved it.

The museum to activate this region

It consists of the three zones connecting with Daio-cho slogan “Painters’ Town” as well as the regional attraction based on a key word of cape and lighthouse.

Guide of the facility

Exhibition facility

Each room in this facility offers the interest in the lighthouse through various aspects by making the most of features of the building.
Each exhibition is designed for a wide range of ages to discover the attractions of lighthouses.

1F Introduction zone

Sea and Lighthouse : Daio-Saki Panorama Room

The space for experiencing its night scene and rousing expectations for the lighthouse.

The room shows the outline of the lighthouse to people without any background knowledge.
The simulation of its light helps visitors rouse their interest in the lighthouse and then leads to the exhibition on the 2nd floor.

On the wall of stairs, pictures of all-day scene of Daio-Saki Lighthouse

The Stairs’ Gallery up to the 2nd floor

It exhibits the pictures of Daio-Saki Lighthouse from the sunrise through the sunset commonly unseen .

2F Lighthouse zone

Its structure and role, and the laboratory

The laboratory for a participation type of the exhibition to learn its role and technology, the sea traffic and so on.

The laboratory is to deeply understand the lighthouse with a combination of a variety of things such as a diorama model, PC, wall picture books, experimental devices and real things.

The history of the lighthouse Daio-Saki Mini Theater

The mini theater for the history of Daio-Saki lighthouse with digital picture-story show

The lighthouse keeper as a storyteller shows the history of the difficulty of a rough point in the sea frightened by sailors and of the lighthouse from its birth through the postwar era.

2F Locality zone

Shima and the lighthouses The gallery of a tour to capes in Shima

The gallery introducing Shima with a tour to its capes and paintings

This gallery shows around Shima like a walking tour to the capes and lighthouses.

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